Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RocketSnail new Micro-blog!

As you know from HERE, RocketSnail (Founder of Club Penguin) is creating a Miro-Blog on his old game site!

R'snail created Club Penguin as a spin-off from Penguin Chat 3!


His new micro-blog was created today and hes answered some popular questions!

Q: What happened to Penguin Chat?
A: Penguin Chat was replaced by Club Penguin. Many of the features in Penguin Chat can be found today in Club Penguin. (including ninjas)

Q: Why did you close your site?
A: The site was closed so I focus all my time and energy on Club Penguin. Now that I have a little more time, I can start updating this site. Thanks for your patience.

Also, R'snail posted about "Space Gizmos" as he said "Some people draw, others like to sculpt, I prefer building stuff with Lego".


~Me12101 Lime cheats president

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