Friday, April 17, 2009

New Igloo Furnicure Catalog! : )

Woah! I forgot all about the updates!

ok, so here it goes!

To get the Wheelbarrow:

1. Open to the 1st page.

2. Click the bottom bush on the poodle plant.

To get the Picket Fence:

1. Open to the 2nd page.

2. Click on the RIGHT corn plant.

To Get the Disco Ball:

1. Open to the 4th page.

2. Click on the Red Guitar Shadow Box.

To Get the White Puffle Poster:

1. Open the 7th page.

2. Click the word "PUFFLE".

To Get the Ice Table:

1. Open the 8th page.

2. Click on the Koi Pond.

To get the Aquarium:

1. Open the 10th page.

2. Click on the Pi┼łata.

Wow! There's a lot today!

~Me12101 lime cheats president

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