Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here ends Me12101s journey!

Sorry guyz,

I was just about to post tonight updates then, I saw how much it was. In this day in age, I find doing this stuff boring. I'm sorry to you bloggers out there and you fans.

But, Why Limey?

After posting since July im just sick of it. It was fun at first but sometimes things must end.

But, Whats gonna happen to your penguin?

I'm NOT quiting club penguin, just blogging. So I will keep my penguin, and my membership.

What about the site?

I shall leave this site up to Ting. He will choose new authors. THANKS TING! Ting: np! :P 

Before I leave I will have a going away party.

And here are a list of friends Ive met blogging:

  • Aznmonkey10
  • Polkagirl919
  • Alto Bhai
  • Djmixer6 (DANNY)
  • Cena12121
  • Ting Tong09
  • Cp Snoopdog
  • Lady Maryann
  • Pieman501
  • Pieman711
  • Nepoleon III
  • Fever
  • Mimo777 and his gang
  • Rachie
  • Berninzon
  • Survivor91
  • Kookle919
  • Millywilly
  • Edude41

Sorry if I have missed you, Please comment and I'll add you.


~Me12101 lime cheats president


  1. Another peep in the quitting boat of either just blogging or the whole thing! I'm so happy I got to know you limey!!! :D


  2. I'll always miss you Lime. Will you continue ypur Pandanda Cheats site? Or everything you've ever owned...

  3. you meet me im your friend 453k7


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