Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Template


Long time since I posted on here.....

My explanation is because my hard drive on my laptop (my main computer) crashed and I had to buy a new one. Then when I looked at the site (with the old template) I thought it would be nice to change so I did.

Do you like the new look?

In other news, some rumors have been spreading about me quiting club penguin blogging... those are NOT true, I will quit in September and I've made that FINAL!

Also, If you haven't seen so... the last poll I had on the left sidebar was regarding a Pandanda party! If ya guyz wanna party ill give ya a party! INFO COMING SOON!

Learn more about Pandanda here.

Also Also, Some people have been asking about a club penguin party and I am planing one in the next week =D

Finally, Today was St.Patrick's day!

How did you spend your saint Patrick's day?


Ill try to post more

So, until then,

~Me12101 lime cheats president


  1. I spent My St.Patty's day as a normal day....but I would like to hear how you spent it!

    ~Me12101 lime cheats president

  2. well it was pretty much the same well i did pinch my sister for not four not wearing green lol but noy but o yah i went to lux's party i could'nt stay for that long tho

  3. Limey Its Been Fun With You But im quiting come see me for the last time at neps party

    Day: March 22, 2009

    Time: 9:00 PST

    Place: Fjord Dance Club

  4. Dude, ur REALLY quitting soon? Are ya still gonna chat? Will you at least come to my website when ya quit?
    ~Ur Friend, TR (Trainz Railz)


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