Friday, October 16, 2009

Me12101 has ended.

Hey guys, if you read the stuff below, then you'll know one of my bestest friends is quitting his site :( We can't let that happen, but I need YOUR help! Limey is sad he isn't a member anymore(btw my membership expires tomorrow lol) and I want him to be a member again. So if you could, please donate a membership! Email it to OR or even LOL! I'm going to help him fix his commenting problem. Please help with the membership problem!


Ok, So lately, My Club penguin Blogging life has crashed, Being a non-member, Comment system crashing, Host mixup, and much more.

The truth is, it's hard to keep up with Club Penguin Blogging, Pandanda Blogging, School (Homework), Personal life (Sports, Family, Friends) and all that at the same time.

I just can't do it anymore.

I will remain Pandanda Blogging, and I have a few ideas of how this site will go:

A) I can give this site to my long time friend and great author, Skaterjessie.
B) I can turn this site to a Club Penguin Widgets site, make more widgets, and I will automatically update them, with people putting them on their sites/blogs.
C) I can redirect this domain to Skaterjessie's Club Penguin Site, or my Pandanda Site.
D) Just forget all this and down-right quit.

I want to continue to make graphics and widgets for Club Penguin.

So, Sorry to let you down guys. It's just to much.

Goodbye Yall.
We are still upgrading, because we lost all our sidebar files!