Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Club Penguin Times: Issue #209

Hey guys! The 209th issue of the Club Penguin Times is out, with a Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest coming, the 4th Anniversary of Club Penguin, and more!

Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest:
Tomorrow you can start decorating your igloo for a chance to win 25,000 coins, maybe even 50,000 coins! Just decorate your igloo, then click the icon to submit it!
Penguins Celebrate 4th Year:
The 4th Anniversary is almost here, MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDARS!!!! because it's one day only!!!
Storm coming:
Remember the storm last year at the Halloween party? Looks like it'll be here this year again!
Tomorrow there will be New Igloo Music, Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest, and New Better Igloos Catalog! Can't wait!!!!!!!!

-Skaterjessie, DJ Club Penguin Cheats President
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