Monday, August 24, 2009

More New Room Evidance!? Or Me12101 going crazy!?

Hey Guys!

Remember how a few months back Club Penguin released a Sneak Peek of what COULD be the new room, and I discovered that the new room might be the tallest mountain?

Click here if you don't remember.

Well, I was right, sorta. We found out that the tallest Mountain was an extra room during the Festival of Flight.

Well, Now more evidence has been spotted of a permanent room!? Because, I don't think Club Penguin had all this suspense for a temporary room, do you?

There is a blank screen at the PSA Headquarters!

Wait, Wasn't that screen always there? So I'm going crazy again? O.o

What do you think?

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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