Thursday, August 20, 2009

Club Penguin Aug-Sept Better Igloo Catalog Cheats!

Woot! Another Catalog! More shadowy circles! ;-)

But first, I did something a bit different this time. I made a video:

If you don't like the video, heres the good ol' pictures and text! :-P

Theres A LOT of cheats in this, check it:

On the first page, Click the burner on the stove for the Bowling Pin.

On the second page, Click the Top-Right corner of the window for the Bowling Alley.

On the same page, Click the knobs on the Electric Stove for the Fridge.

On the third page, click the Dj Tables for the Wall Speaker!

On the third page, click the Gramophone for the Band Stage.

On the fourth page, click the stone column for the Guitar Stand.

On the fifth page, Click on the flame of the Bamboo torch to get the LCD Television.

On the sixth page, click the Medieval Banner to get the Penguin Knight Ice Sculpture.

Wow! thats a lot! Do you like the new catalog?

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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