Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Lime Cheats

On July 21st 2008 Me12101 created this site. Today is July 21st 2009, meaning Lime Cheats has offically turned one year old!!!

So, were gonna have a party celebrating it!

If you can't read it, it say's:

Date: Saturday July 25th.
Time: 1:00 PM PST.
Server: Snow Drift.
Room: Dock
For: LCPC's 1st Birthday.

Comment if you can come.

Alright now, WOOOOOOOOO! IVE BLOGED FOR ONE YEAR! WOOT! hehe...I had to do that...

Here is a little time line to see what we accomplished in the last year:

July 21st 2008:

-Website offically Made.
-Me12101 joined Lime Cheats as president.
-Lilpenutping joined Lime Cheats as vice president.

Augest 4th 2008:

-Me12101 meets Lime's FIRST fan - Cp Snoopdog.

Augest 14th 2008:

-Max121314 joins Lime Cheats.

Augest 20th 2008:

-Lime Cheats has their first party.

September 19th 2008:

-Lilpenutping quit.
-Pieman501 joins Lime Cheats.
-Cp Snoopdog joins Lime Cheats.

October 21st 2008:

-Me12101 purcheses "" Domain name.

October 23rd 2008:

-Ting Tong09 joins Lime Cheats.

March 24th 2009:

-Nepoleon III joins Lime Cheats.

April 25th 2009:

-Polkagirl919 joins Lime Cheats.

June 13th 2009:

-Skaterjessie joins Lime Cheats.

Cool!? I can't believe I've been doing this for a seems longer.

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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