Thursday, July 23, 2009

Club Penguin vote for the newest color!

As expected, Club Penguin came our with a voting booth at the forest to vote for the newest Penguin Color! Your choses are: Auqa, Lavender, and Maroon!

To vote, go to the forest. You can get there quicker when you click the stands with the balloons on them in the Town and Plaza.

Once your at the forest, Click the voting stand.

Remember VOTE LAVENDER! I think your should because, we already have an aqua, and maroon doesn't look maroon, it looks plum. If Lavender wins, were going to have SO many parties!

The contest results will be announced in the newspaper on the 6th!

Check out this cool image I made, when you click "Go There" it will go to Club Penguin!

Also, Penguin band is taking another break, this means you can find them backstage again! Our trackers will be up today to help you! We had a big ordeal with the trackers after they got hacked, but we think it will be alright now. Tell us if you spot any problems.

~Me12101 lime cheats president

We are still upgrading, because we lost all our sidebar files!