Friday, June 26, 2009

New DJ3K Upgrades!

SWEET! Check out the Dance Club and see the new DJ3K updates! I still like Dance Contest better thought...

Ok so here's how it works, you go to the bottom right of your screen (or click the box in the nightclub) and click the catalog thingy.

Then you get to buy these cool tracks, like "Funky", "Festival" and "Jungle".
Its really cool how you can actually hold the records in your flipper!
After you bought the records, Play the DJ3K game, you will have the records you bought, and the old "classic" one, which we used all the time before.
Now you can play with all these sorts of tunes, and Club Penguin says there's more records coming soon!
Also, You can now play DJ3K with your yellow puffle! Pretty Cool!
Ok, well I finished typing out this post is Record Time......7 minutes ;-)!
Do you like the DJ3K upgrades? Comment your thoughts.
~Me12101 lime cheats president
We are still upgrading, because we lost all our sidebar files!