Sunday, June 28, 2009 Site Updates!


Okay, Last week I posted a bit about what kind of situation I'm in and a lot of people look concerned. I set up a poll on my site to see how many people are there, and I was actually impressed.

In the past three days I've been working to improve this site. I figure, if it looks better, more people will come. Here is a list of things I'm working on.

When Strike - Finished.
When Bold - Working on.
When Italic- Can't be done yet.
When Normal- Haven't started yet.


Page updates:

Restore all pages and make widget on sidebar.
Find all mission guides from sub-site and but them on real site.
Update Funny Pictures for the first time since December.
Update Ninja Guide and make more accurate.
Make "Book Codes" Page.
Update Secret Agent pictures to better quality.
Update Tour Guide pictures to better quality.
Organize pages on Sidebar.
Make "Our Widgets" Page.


Cadence Tracker.
Rockhopper Tracker.
Aunt Arctic Tracker.
Gary Tracker.
Penguin Band Tracker.
Sensei Tracker.
Portable Tracker for Rockhopper.
Portable Tracker for Cadence.
Portable Tracker for Aunt Arctic.
Portable Tracker for Penguin Band.
Portable Tracker for Gary.
Portable Tracker for Sensei.


Have Poll every week.
Make "New Stuff" Widget Links.
Make new Banner.

91% Finished Updates.
And that's what I have in store. I will work on all this stuff during the Summer and constantly update this post. Keep Checking Back!
Please Comment and tell me how you like the new updates. 
Also, If you have any Idea's for new updates please tell me.
We are still upgrading, because we lost all our sidebar files!