Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Member badge update!


Club penguin made some fashion into the member badges by adding stripes, these stripes represent how long you have been a member for:

SWEEEET! check out my badge: (13-18 months)

Isn't it awesome?

In other news I would like to bring a nice warm limey welcome to our newest author NEPOLEON III! please comment and give your best to the newest lime on board!

And in other news about limey authors, I will be relieving ting of duty for the famous little fight we had, I'm tired of people telling me about it. Sorry ting but after you insulted me and threatened to sue me I'm pushing you off the boat. And the new author in tings place will be and old member of lime that is returning.. I wonder who it is?


~Me12101 lime cheats president


  1. I'm on the same level as you! :D Sweetz. BTW Thank you for spelling me name right! That always makes me happy :)

  2. :O I'm on the banner! WOAH!!! SWEET! Thank you!! :D:D:D

  3. Lol you can't have 13-18 months limey. Because I have a level 5 badge and I only have 13-14 months left of memberships.


  4. I'd just like to say goodbye then. Our so called "famous fight" was a little joke between us if you didn't see. The part of sueing and banning werent at all real. U no I like to make jokes. But if you saw that as real then fine, remove me from Lime, my favourite cheats site and go on with nep. You'll still always be my friend even though I know you were mean and deleted me but thats OK i suppose you want to go on with nep. Well
    ~Ting :(

  5. Scratch my first comment. I' actually a level above you :P I want the funny stripey star one! It looks AWESOME!!!!

  6. I have the biggest one. Ive been a member since february 2007 and havent stopped! Thats more than two years!

  7. Un Fair. I asked you more times than him.


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