Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello Nepoleon!

Hi guys!
Nepoleon, A.K.A. The Chatty Penguin, is now on LIME cheats! How awesome is that? I know, right! Anyways, excuse me being a bit fumbling. I'm a bit new with blogger... it's a lot different than wordpress. Anywho, I'll be posting stuff about Club Penguin updates, parties, et cetera (hehehe look at my good Latin :P). Here's a few random nonsensical facts about yours truely:

  • I speak a little German. Ich sprochen se winzig Deustch!
  • I have been playing since August '07
  • I am a member
  • I have a ton of semi-old-ish stuffs
  • My favorite play is "Ruby and the Ruby"
  • My website that I run is
  • I am 560 days old as of March 22, 2009
  • I've been friends with Me12101 (Who I call "Oh Limey One" or "Senor Lime") for a looooong time, almost the whole time I've been blogging
Well, that's all for now. But, if you've never heard of me (which I dearly hope you have!) check out my site. I look forward to posting/updating/stuff on this blog!

Keep On Waddlin'!
The Chatty Penguin
Nepoleon III


  1. Thanks! I've enjoyed it so far. Even though I've only done one post lol :P

  2. I have a little question for any of you German speakers:

    Vo est das Boogie Wonderland?


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