Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Limey's Wicked Aunt Arctic Tracker!

Yo guys,

Aunt Arctic from the Penguin Times in currently going around Club Penguin and giving away her background!

Like Lime always does, he made an Aunt Arctic Tracker:

STATUS: - - - 
SERVER: - - -
ROOM: - - -

Here Are My Tips On Finding Her:
  1. Aunt Arctic is a green penguin.
  2. She has a Pink hat.
  3. She has black glasses.
  4. She has a pencil behind her ear.
  5. Aunt Arctic goes on crowded servers.
  6. Aunt Arctic can only be found Backstage (Penguin Rewards).
  7. Use Limey's Aunt Arctic Tracker.
Make sure to Comment if you have found Aunt Arctic.

Here is what Aunt Arctic's background looks like:

To receive the background, click the button with a picture of a box on it, on Aunt Arctic's playercard.

Here's how the background looks like on me:

This is pretty cool! Don't you think so?

Good Luck!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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