Monday, January 19, 2009

Cp Snoopdog's New Fan Widget!

Hey guys! I made a fan widget for everyone who is a fan of me! here it is:

Here is the code you put in:
I got it! go here: click here!

Please post a comment on here if you put this on your website so i know who is a fan of me :).

Thank You!

-Cp Snoopdog

I have improved My Outfit.


  1. Can you cheak out my blog i am your biggest Fan

  2. Hey Snoopdog!

    I am Speek of the site:

    I currently have about 15,000 views

    i think that i can help you achieve your goal of 15,000 views.

    Anyway go to my site, i am always on!

    From Speek


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