Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rare MEMBER penguin contest winner!

The winner is.............
TING TONG09!!!!!

Congrats ting!

Here is the score bourd:

Ting tong09: 119 comments
453k7: 66 comments
Djmixer6: 5 comments
Iceman25596: 2 comments

Email us and we will email you :d
We know ting email so no cheating!


In other news were having ANOTHER contest for a one month club penguin membership
Destails and contest coming soon!

What do you think this contest should be?
A comments contest? NO MY FINGERS WILL HURT!
A number picking contest? uhh maybe
A Raffel? Sure

What do YOU think?

~Me12101 lime cheats presidnet

1 comment:

  1. I EMAILED U !!!
    btw me12101s strategy really works thx so much!


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