Thursday, November 20, 2008

Limey's Ninja Guide!

Here is my new and improved guide to become a master at Card-Jitsu!

How it works:

Go to the Dojo Courtyard and enter the doors, then go to the right side and click on the cushion, Sensei will appear.

Talk to Sensei to get started. He will go over the rules with you.

What you have to do, is play matches of "Card-Jitsu" with other Penguins, and increase your rank. When you increase your rank enough, you will be rewarded with a belt. There are 9 different Belts.

How to Play:

Talk to the Sensei and click "Competition Mode" to start a game.

The rules are simple, the concept of the game is kind of like rock, paper, scissors. All you have to remember is:

Water beats Fire. 
Snow beats Water.
Fire beats Snow.

You will receive a 10 cards from Sensei, with these cards you can battle other penguins. You can also buy more cards at Toys-R-Us.

If both penguins draw the same suit, the NUMBERS on the cards play the game, whoever has the highest number wins.


The Sensei will reward you with belts, Once you get to the Black Belt, you have to challenge the Sensei.
Here is the estimated amount of wins it will take to get to the next belt:

White Belt: 5-7 wins.
Yellow Belt: Estimated 7-13 more wins.
Orange Belt: Estimated 8-14 more wins.
Green Belt: Estimated 9-15 more wins.
Blue Belt: Estimated 10-16 more wins.
Red Belt: Estimated 12-17 more wins.
Purple Belt: Estimated 12-18 more wins.
Brown Belt: Estimated 13-19 more wins.
Black Belt: Estimated 14-20 more wins

One thing that really helps how close you are to the next belt is the Belt Chart at the bottom left of the Dojo Courtyard, The Ninja Room, and the Dojo.

The Chart shows how close you are to the next belt. You will advance by 10% every win, 3% every loss and 2% every quit.


Here are some strategies that may help you win matches:

Me12101's Strategy:

1. Open with your highest point card.
2. Play your highest Fire Card.
3. Play your highest Fire Card again.
4. Play your highest Card.
5. Play the second highest card in the same suit as your last card (Suits: Water, Snow, Fire).
6. Keep doing steps 4 and 5 until the match is over.

Nepoleon III's Strategy

1. Open With your second-highest card.
2. Here is the rule of the strategy:

If you win with Fire do Snow next.
If you win with Snow do Water next.
If you win with Water do Fire next.

If you lose with Fire do Snow next.
If you lose with Snow do Water next.
If you lose with Water do Fire next.

More Strategies Coming soon! Do you have a strategy? Email it to and it could be on this page!

Sensei Beating:

When you get your black belt you are one step away from becoming a ninja. All you have to do is beat Sensei.

Instead of clicking "Competition Mode" click "Sensei Mode".

You probably think hes IMPOSSIBLE to beat, and thats partly true. Sensei is a Computer and when you verse him he ALWAYS plays after you to win. You have to try over and over again (Estimated 5-7 try's). When the computer finally thinks that you have had enough, it lets you lose.

Once you beat Sensei, He will give you a Ninja mask and access to the Secret Ninja Room!

Being a Ninja:

Being a Ninja is pretty cool, you get access to the awesome Ninja Hideout called the "Flying Flippers Emporium". The Hideout is located in the Dojo Courtyard.

In the Hideout, there's a Catalog called "Martial Artworks" (Members Only). Here's what the Catalog looks like inside:

Hope this helps! It took me 3 hours to type out all this!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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