Thursday, November 6, 2008

Club penguin game sneck peack

Lime cheats were all over this story when they found out they looked for more information just for you! ;-)

Club penguin will relese thier multiplayer card game that anyone can buy in North America like the club penguin toys!

The card game does include a code on the cards and you can unlock items but you can also play in the new multyplayer game coming out on club penguin with your card codes so say you dont have anybody to play with in your life then you can play it online I dont know yet but club penguin says that people with out the card will be able to play.

It looks like the game is gonna be in the forest:

Something with water ballons Maybe for water cards
theres cards with water fire and snow in the newspaper they was a secret about that (see post below) and its the trangle in the cove one point is in water one is in snow and one is in fire hmmmmm

When I emailed club penguin they said nothing I didnt know but they keeped on mentioning weaird words i looked closly at the words all of them had these letters together


I put these together all of them are together in the word NINJA hmmmmm

Check out our ninja post (updated every time ninja spotted and wearid things happen)

~Me12101 lime cheats President

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