Friday, November 7, 2008


The pin is at the forest:

Here are the catalog cheats:
Click the snowflake on page one for the pink pom pom hat

C|lick the tree top for the russian hat

Click the guy to get the viking helmets

When you get the red open and close it 3 times for the blue

Click the star of the bakround to get the black mask

Click the `N`for the Mixed braclets

Click the `N` on the next page to get the Jade neckalace

And click the "N" on the shoe colection page to get the black scuba mask

Click the spikster to get the spikete

And its gonna be the last wig catalog because wigs are goin to be part of the Penguin style catalog

And there is a NINJA shadow:

Visit our ninja post for the stuff about ninjas on club penguin

There finished
-Me12101 lime cheats President

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