Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mission 3 Cheat Guide!

Here is the written walkthrough:
1. Click on the green penguin.
2. Say have you noticed anything unusual or strange.
3. Say did the door appear to be tampered with when you got here?
4. Say thats good now open up the door again so I can look inside.
5. Go upstairs to the office.
6. Go under the couch. Get the floppy disc and the paper clip.
7. Insert the floppy dic into the computer.
8. Then click combination_Number
9. Record the numbers.
10. Go downstairs and insert the combination.
11. Go inside the safe.
12. Click on the green penguin.
13. Click on your cell phone and visit HQ.
14. Talk to G.
15. View the surveillance camera.
16. Go to the open drawer on the right hand side.
17. Get the last left hand side key.
18. Go to the gift shop.
19. Go upstairs.
20. Use the key to go to the roof.
21. Now use the wrench to remove the bolts on the power box.
22. Click on the inside of the power box.
23. Click on the paper clip in your inventory.
24. Use it on the power box. Sparks will happen.
25. Go back downstairs of the gift shop. Now you see the coins on the ground not on the roof.
26. Click on the coins. The green penguin will come out.
27. Go back to the roof and click on thee vent.
28. You find fur.Put it in your inventory.
29. Visit HQ.
30. Talk to G now.
31. Give HG the white fur.
32. Collect your medal.
33. Your finished the mission.

Hope this helped!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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