Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mission 2 Cheat Guide!

Here is the written walkthrough:
1. Talk to G and recive your mission.
2. Go to the ski mountain, and click the signs.
3. Go back to the sports shop, and talk to G again. Type in the secret word mogul. G would show you the prototype of the new sled. Go to the mountain. With the sled.
4. A test run would appear. Use the sled on the test run, it would ask you if you want to test G’s sled.
5. Answer yes.
6. Get the string and move to the right side.
7. Get the survival guide.
8. Get 3 berries , and move right . You put all the berries into the s in the inventor.
9. Click the tree 3 times, and a pot will fall.
10. Get the pot.
11. You will see a of puffles. Click on one of them to move them away. The black puffle will still be there. Feed it an berry” and it will turn into a fireball. It will follow you.
12. Get the ski in the bush.
13. Combine together the combine ski, the rope, and an a berry. Now you have a fish pod with an berry as bait.
14. Pick up the log on the right side.
15. Use the fish pod you made to catch a fish.
16. Pick up the fish.
17. Get water from the stream. Using your fish pod.
18. Use the cave for shelter.
19. Click on the bush for an enterance.
20. Click on the stone.
21. Put the log in the circle.
22. Put the Survival guide on the log.
23. Feed an berry to the black puffle.
24. Cook the fish, then eat it.
25. Boil the water and drink it.
26. You will sleep for a few moments.
27. Go outside, an agent flying a jet pack. He will help you.
28. Talk to the guy, and you will be back in the sports shop. To get the medal and the letter talk to G.

Hope this helped!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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