Monday, September 21, 2009

Vote for Me12101's Fall outfit!

Ok, So as you know I've had my old pearl necklace, swim trunks, silver surfboard outfit since June. And, I think it's about time to change.

I would have to change a whole lot of pictures because of one change of outfit, that's why I don't do it that often, but really, who wares Swim Trunks in Fall?

Ok, So I've picked out my favorite 3, and now its your turn to choose which one looks the best. Keep in mind that this outfit is for fall.

Vote Here:

Outfit A: Stick with my current outfit - wear it until December.

Outfit B: The outfit I wore last year at this time - Bring it back!

Outfit C: I wore this sometimes in the past - very colorful :D

Ok, So vote!

~Me12101 lime cheat president
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