Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lime's Comment Tracker!

Hey Guys! Do you want a free famous penguin autographed background?! Well, all you have to do is find the penguin and you'll get it!

Use my trackers to help you, and if you find them with or without the tracker post a comment on this post and tell everybody else!

But just follow these rules:

1. Be Honest! If you don't, all your doing is wasting your time!
2. When you post a comment, make sure to post their Name | Server | Room | Time (PST) when they were spotted, you can abbreviate the name with these: RH = Rockhopper, S = Sensei, AA = Aunt Arctic, PB = Penguin Band, CA = Cadence and G = Gary.
3. Don't say you want to find them, everybody wants to find them.
4. Don't post the servers the penguin(s) aren't in.
5. DON'T post servers that they are NOT on.
6. Only post about the famous penguins here, or on their tracker page. Don't Comment about a different Subject.
7. Post a comment if the tracker has helped you.
8. The Comment Rules are still in action during this. Obey these or face consequences of being banned from commenting from this site.

Ok, Lets Track some famous penguins!

Also, use our trackers to help you find them:

~Lime Cheats Team
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