Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy77 Talks New Play!

This Friday there will be a new upcoming play called Underwater Adventure. Happy77 got to talk to the artists who worked on it, here is the interview. :

What inspired you about doing the costumes?
For one of them, a delicious meal I once had was the inspiration... tasty... 

Tell us something cool about the set!
There's an entire sea castle to climb in! And a secret shadowy sea creature in the distance.

For this play, are there treats underwater?
Well, chocolate bars tend to get a little soggy, and cotton candy is a mess...we could have tried sea salt taffy - but I'm pretty sure we didn't.

Have you noticed that x figure cursor in the left of the picture? Hm... That probably could be the cursor of a photo editor or something, you never know. Well anyways, the Underwater Adventure play starts this Friday!

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