Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Club Penguin Times: Issue #202

Hey guys! Club Penguin released the 202nd issue of the Club Penguin Times! Some really good news in this issue! I'm going to let you read
THE FALL FAIR IS COMING! WOOHOO! Hehe lol. This was one of my FAVORITE parties! What about yours?
The Fair will start September 4th-13th. I wonder if Rockhopper will be there during that time...
Penguins have spotted the Migrator through the telescope on the Beacon! I think RH is the most fun to track!
Tomorrow the new Sports Catalog and Pin will be out. Looks like the Penguins That Time Forgot is coming back. To be honest, I hated
that play =/

Here is the Newspaper if you can't read the pics:
Keep On Rockin!
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