Thursday, August 6, 2009

Club Penguin Times issue #199!

Hey guys!

Let me start by saying........


It will be available in the new Catalog tomorrow!

I wanted Lavender to win =/ Tell me the difference between Aqua, and the light blue color we already have. SERIOUSLY!?

Remember how my "Eagle Eye" predicted that the new room will be the tallest mountain?

Well I was half right.

As you know, from the last newspaper Gary needs our help because the windows are cracking in the underground poll! Last time, Gary left it to long, and the whole Island flooded! This is what created the water party.

Gary has a plan to take Club Penguin to the sky. He wants to rise the Club Penguin island out of the water, and into the sky's, so replace the windows. So the tallest mountain may come again, doesn't this picture look like gary is headed for the tallest mountain?

As always, Here are the upcoming events:

Underwater Adventure:
August 21-September 10

Hmm...What could this be? No word about it before. Is it the surprise party Club penguin's been planing? Wait, Isn't it a bit to long to be a party? And they said it hasn't happened before, But we had an underwater party in February of 2008, right?

New Penguin Style Catalog:
August 7-September 6

New Penguin Style tomorrow! WOOT! I can't wait! :D The splatter shirt, and the new penguin color, Aqua, will be available!

New Better Igloo's Catalog:
August 21-September 18

New better Igloos Catalog! The newest piece of furniture will be coming in! Vote on the left sidebar!

Coolio! Can't wait till I get my flippers on the new Catalog!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
We are still upgrading, because we lost all our sidebar files!