Thursday, August 27, 2009

Club Penguin Reviewed by You!

Hey Guys!

Club Penguins newest "What's New" Blog Post is a Reviewed By You!

Remember Last weeks one? When they asked about our favorite sport around the island?

Their favorite answer was from Avril51:
I love playing ice hockey at the rink! It's really fun playing it with my buddies. We are always on the red team, but the blue team rocks too! It's also fun watching and cheering both teams on! Rock on CP!
This week They said that its going to be awesome to see everybody in their red and blue outfits, after the Sports Catalog Release Tomorrow!

As you know, in Club Penguin, if you look through the telescope you'll see Rockhopper's Migrator on its way. For this week's Reviewed By You, Club Penguin would love to know - What's the most awesome thing you ever remember Rockhopper bringing?

Hmm... I think that the best thing he brought was the First Fall Fair! He brought all the supplies, and we were all wondering what those boxes were, remember that?

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~Me12101 lime cheats president
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