Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Club Penguin Music Jam Cheats!

My favorite Party has returned! I love this! Don't you? Whats your favorite room? Mine's the Coffee Shop ;-)

Free Items:

To get the newest free item, the Green headphones, Go to the cove and click the box!

Baskstage Passes: (Members Only)

At Snow Forts, theres a stand called the "Shirts Rock' Stand. Walk over there and get your latest T-Shirts and a Backstage Pass!

With the Backstage Pass, You can go behind the stage in the Dock. This is where Penguin Band is going to give away their background.

Or on top of the Night Club! (Go through the stairway in the Dance Lounge). This is where Dj Cadence is going to give away her background.

The rooftop is pretty cool, you can get the Boom Box again! Here is what it looks like on the roof:

Go to the bottom of the room, where you will see a big box a Boom Boxes, what are probably left over from the Member Party ;-)

Now, go to the main stage in the Dock, and walk through the curtains, This is what Back Stage looks like:

Go to the bottom-left corner of Back Stage and click the big box of instruments to access the music Catalog.

This is what the Music Catalog looks like, for you nonmembers:

And here are it's Sweet Cheats:

Click the dot in the "i" to get the drum and drum sticks.

Click the "o" in the word "Catalog" to get the black electric guitar.

Comment if you have found Penguin Band or Cadence on our trackers. I have never met Penguin Band before :-(


Penguin Band were supposed to be at the Ice Berg, but check it out:

When the Penguin Band isn't preforming, they are at Backstage, I NEED to meet them!!!

There's also this cool button in the corner of all the rooms - "Applause" which makes a big cheering sound from the crowd.

This party is so wicked! It took a LONG time for all the items to be avalible, but it was worth the wait :) How do you like the Music Jam?

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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