Monday, September 14, 2009

Lime's Ultimate Sensei Tracker!

Hey Guys!

Sensei from the game Card-Jitsu is now on the island going around giving away his free autographed background. But first you have to find him.

Heres my Sensei Tracker to help you find him:


STATUS: Offline
SERVER:  - - -
ROOM: - - -
And here is our portable Tracker that you can put on YOUR site:

Here are my tips to help you find Sensei:

1. Sensei is a Gray Penguin.
2. Sensei has a White Beard.
3. Sensei can only be found at the Ninja Hideout (Flying Flippers Emporium).
4. Sensei goes on crowded Servers.
5. Use Limey's Tracker.
6. Check the Comments on this post.
7. Sensei always wears a large gray rice hat.
8. Sensei is usually surrounded by a group of ninja-dressed penguins.

Make sure to Comment if you find Sensei, tell us what Server and Room...this will help a lot! When you comment, don't be offensive or swear about the tracker. If you complain about a slow tracker, we can block you from commenting on this site! So please don't.

Helpful Hints:

1. Sensei can go on non-English servers!
2. There is more then one Sensei! He can be on two Servers!
3. Sensei doesn't usually come to servers twice in 5 hours.
4. Me12101 and Polkagirl919 will tweet and or post the location of Sensei if we find him! (Follow Me12101) (Follow Polkagirl919).
5. Sensei likes to stay in a server for awhile. 10-20 minutes, or so. You can know if Sensei was there if you check some random penguins' player cards, if the majority of the penguins have the background, then you know he was there.
6. If the room is too crowded and you can’t see Sensei, try clicking on the Users List.

7. Sensei only appears at the Ninja Hideout! If you see a person say ‘He’s at the Iceberg!’or something their lying so they can get in.
8. Sensei does not come if you go to the side of the Ninja Hideout and clear the center! Do not believe the people who say that!

Good Luck finding him!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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