Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mission 6 Cheat Guide!

Here is the written walkthrough:
1. Talk to G.
2. Click on Thanks for waiting G Yes., let’s ask him some questions
3. Go to the PSA Headquarters where the crab is.
4. Go to the winter Sports Shop.
5. The outside it.
6. Go up the mountain.
7. Go to the end of the mountain. Where the crab fell off.
8. Follow the crab.9. Go to the tree stump.
10. Go where the log is.
11. Get your scissors from your spy phone.
12. Cut the bag of stuff hanging from it.
13. Put the food in your inventory.
14. Go back to the stump.
15. Feed the puffle the food.
16. Go to the cave.
17. Put the food on the door. (The pet door)
18. The puffle will go in and release the door.
19. Tell the evil guy Who are you and what do you want?
20. Click The Arctic Circle? But that’s thousands of miles away! How did you get here?
21. Click How did you wind up here.
22. Click You Have Found Club Penguin.
23. Click how did you tip the ice berg?
24. Talk to him.
25. Put the food on the lever. (To The Right)
26. Put a food on the water ramp.
27. Put another food n the lever. It will lift the bars.
28. Go to the left get the anchor and put it in your inventory.
29. Get the rope and put it on the anchor.
30. Put the hot sauce and blue prints in your inventory.
31. Go to the left and exit through the door.
32. Now mix the hot sauce with the puffle food.
33. Now exit through the door.
34. Go to the river.
35. Go to the bush place.
36. Go to the cliff.
37. Click on the cliff.
38. Use the anchor and the rope and click on the cliff.
39. Go down the chair lift.
40. Go to the ski lodge.
41. Go to the Gone Fishing room.
42. Go to the dock. The the town. Then the Snow Fort. Then the plaza. Then go to the pizza parlor.
43. Order a seaweed pizza with the green penguin.
44. Put it in your inventory.
45. Go to the plaza. Then the snow fort. The the town now the dock. Finally the ski village. Go to the ski lodge.
46. Go to Gone Fishing Room.
47. Feed the bear the pizza.
48. Push the lever.
49. Click Yes, I’ve recovered your plans for the magnet from the bears hideaway.
50. Give him the blue prints.
51. Congrats Your Finish.
Hope this helped!
~Me12101 lime cheats president
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