Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dj Skaterjessie Rocking on Lime CP Cheats

Heyyy dudes & dudettes, fans of Club Penguin, fans of Lime Club Penguin Cheats, fans of Me12101, hobos, and fans of hobos, this is Dj Skater rockin' out on LCPCdecompression sickness GUESS WHAT?scuba diving in IndonesiaI'm a new author!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!character smileysI'm gonna tell you a little about myself!

My name is Jessie, penguin name Skaterjessie, and nicknames, Queen Dj Skater, Dj Skater, Skater, and Jessie! I have my own blog, and a blog given to me by my best friend on the computer, Club Penguin Society, but the site I made is Dj Club Penguin! Of course I love partying, skateboarding, sports, and CP! I also like meeting new people and talking about things we have in common! I'm usually very bubbly[hehe fun to say!]

I hope you all enjoy having me here!

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