Sunday, June 7, 2009

Commenting on Lime!

I love to get comments and receive feedback on my posts! It makes me feel special..

But you know what I really hate? When I get really mean comments. Here are some of my rules for when you comment:

1. Don't say stuff like:
  • Swears 
  • Sexual Talk
  • Racial Talk
  • Don't be Rude
  • Don't be Negative against our posts.
  • Don't be mean against other people.
2. Don't post ANY Links what so ever! This is very hard for you people but this is very important!
3. Do not post Email addresses, If I don't ask you to. (I would only ask if you won a contest and I need to
contact you. When I do, I blank out the email address).
4. Don't use "No offense", It's very annoying...
5. Don't type in ALL CAPS! I find it kind of hard to understand.
6. Don't fill your comments with !!!!!!!!!!!! and ??????????....thats REALLY annoying.
7. Don't be pointless. Ex: First Comment! YAY!!!
When you post questions, I try my best to answer all, but sometimes I don't answer ALL of them. Sorry.
I love when I get invitations to meet you or to go to a party, but sometimes I just can't go, Sorry.
If you leave me tips, I will ALWAYS give you credit, but if you don't leave your name, or I already knew that tip and I was about to post it.
On my Comment Trackers, Please post accurate, or don't post at all!!
Disqus is the comment provider for Lime Cheats, They are not responsible for my, or your actions. Please make me look good in front of them.
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