Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adventure Party Cheats!

Cool! Finally the new Adventure Party is released! Almost every room is decorated!

Free Items:

The first item is for both non members and members! It's a Green Safari Hat!

The next item is for members only. It's in the add on room place in the forest, it's a Tropical Bird! (We90000 is my nephew's account)

Adventure Hunt Cheats:

Ok, Here are the hidden locations for the Adventure Hunt items:

Click on the binoculars at the top-right of your screen to start.

The first item is in the underground pool, wait for the fish to come through the window.

The next item is at the cove, click on the curly branch thing.

The third item is at the dock, Click on the turtle shell in the water.

The next item is at the dock, click on the flowers.

The next item is at the Ice Berg, click on the water Sprinkle thingy.

The 6th item is at the plaza, click the flower in the upper right.

The next item is at the beach, click the bubbles in the water.

The last item is in the forest, click on the big flower in between the waterfalls.

Now click on "Claim Prize" to get the Adventure Party Background!

Wow! I love hunts!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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