Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rockhopper's Finally Here and New Ice Cream Sundae Pin!

Hey Penguins! Rockhopper is back! And with a free backgound item! Here is what you may find on Club Penguin.

The Migrator is looking kinda bizzar don't you think?

Now here is how to find the free background:

  • Go to Rockhoppers ship

  • Go to the ship hold

  • Click the rare items scroll on the bottom right

  • Click the free item overgrown ship background

th5 png

Thats how you get the free background item.

Another bizzar thing I've noticed is that Yarr is missing... Again! Strange huh?

Well thats everything on Rockhopper, there is also a new Ice Cream Sundae pin at the Pizza Parlour so don't miss out on it!

ice cream sundae pin

Thats all the cheats, and good luck finding Rockhopper!

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