Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rockhopper Tracker!

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As you Know Rockhoppers Back in town.

Here is my Rockhopper tracker:

Here is my portable Rockhopper tracker, that you can put on YOUR site:

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Here is My Rockhopper Tracker Guide:

Rockhopper is a penguin that the Club Penguin team goes on, when "Rockhopper" is currently visiting the Island. If you meet Rockhopper he will give you Background!

Here are some tips on how to find Rockhopper:

1. Use a Rockhopper Tracker.
2. Use my Comment Tracker. Comment ‘I found RH’ at the bottom of this post. Be honest, tell the correct server, so everyone can find him. 

3. Use my Twitter tracker. Every time I see Rockhopper, I will post it on Twitter. (click here to view my Twitter page)

4. Rockhopper has a black beard, a tall pirate hat and he is a red penguin.

5. If a room is full in a almost full server, get in! Rockhopper may be in that room.

6. Rockhopper’s favorite rooms are: Dock, Migrator, Pizza Parlor, Beach, Snow Forts, and the Cove.
Rockhopper’s favorite servers are: Blizzard, Mammoth, Frozen. He likes to visit high and low servers. His favorite low servers are: Fjord, Parka, and Snow Cone.

7. Crowds of penguins usually tend to crowd Rockhopper. They are usually saying ‘Rockhopper!’
Bonus Tips:
  • Rockhopper is always on at possibly any server. Keep looking! Rockhopper will be here for awhile.
  • If you find Rockhopper, click on his player card right away! Click on the box to get his free background. He can stay at at server for 3-5 minutes or even 5-10 minutes!

Here is how the Background looks on me:

Comment Tracker:

When you find Rockhopper, Comment and tell us where he is! So when people want to find him they could just look at the comments! The Comments will be published Emediently.

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Have Fun Rockhopping! 


Rockhopper is a pirate who arrives at Club Penguin on his pirate ship named the Migrator. During a Rockhopper visit, all penguins can explore his ship, which offers exclusive rare items for purchase.

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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