Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Play Announced

Hey Penguins. Today the New Issue of the Club Penguin Times was released. Here are somethings featured in this new issues that you might find.

The Medieval Party: The Medieval Party starts on May 8th and ends on May 17th.

And to celebrate the theme ,on the same day of the Medieval Party, starting tomorrow, May 8th is the new play called "The Haunting of the Viking Opera". The Play starts May8th the same day the Medieval Party and ends June 11th.


Upcoming Events:

May 8th - May 17th Medieval Party

May 8th - June 11th New Play The Haunting of the Viking Opera

May 15th - June 18th New Better Igloos' Catalog

May 8th - May 21st New Hidden Pin

Thats all Today Penguins,


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