Friday, May 8, 2009

Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats!

Hey Guys!

Free Items:

Ok First, The free item (the wizards hat) is in the lighthouse!

1. Click on your map and go to the Beach.
2. Go inside the Lighthouse.
3. Click the wizards hat on the table.

AWWWW Another Old Item? sheesh!

Theres some NOT FREE but exclusive items for members at the gift shop.
Click on the Scroll thingy. Theres no Cheats in it tho :-(.

1. Go to the Town>Gift Shop.
2. Click the scroll thingy.

Theres also free items (for members) in the Member Quest!

Member Quest Cheats:

Sorry Non-Members :-(

Okay, So first go to the Gate in the Pool.

1. Go to the Town> Night Club
2. Click on the Cave to go to the pool.
3. Click on the big cage door thingy.

On the first challenge, you have to light up all 5 Orbs by Standing on the Mat beside them.

Stand on all 5 Mats the continue into the cave.

Now, Once you have continued, Click on the Free item box of Golden Shields and take yourself one.

The second Challenge is throwing, 50 snowballs at the targets. This is Very Easy, Once finished Move to the LEFT to continue your Quest.

Now that you've continued Pick up the Golden Knight Helmet.

Okay, Now you have to do a Maze.

Just follow these directions on how to beat the maze:

1st Room: Down

2nd Room: Left

3rd Room:

4th Room: Right

5th Room:

6th Room:

Now, After doing that you'll enter the final Quest room! In this room you can pick up the Golden Knight's Armor!


Extra Cheats:

Press "J" on your keyboard to say jokes, but now you can say them Medieval like!

Another one is, In the forest theres an extra exclusive room!

Go to the Forest and Click the ladder to enter!

Have Fun!

~Me12101 lime cheats President
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