Friday, May 15, 2009

Clothing Catalog Cheats & Secrets!

Hey Guys!

I forgot all about these, I've been so tied up with Pandanda lately. Its hard work managing two sites in two different games!

Anywho, Here are the cheats.

To Get the Penguin Knight Sculpture:

Go to the second page and click the medieval banner.

To get the Wheelbarrow:

Flip to the 5th page and click the bottom bush of the poodle plant.

To find the Picket Fence:

Flip to the 7th page and click the left Vegetable Garden.

To get the Disco Ball:

Go to page 14 and click the Electric Guitar Shadow Box.

Wow! Those are cool!

Also, Check out the new Treehouse igloo in the Igloo Upgrades Catalog SWEET!

~Me12101 lime cheats president
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