Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updates By Nepoleon!

I figured I'd do updates as a surprise for lime! He-he-he-he! :D

Not much new.

Here's the pin. It's a hat. Very fun and stage themed.

And, there's also some ninja new stuff for ninjas. Only two things, but oh well. Better than nothing, eh?

Here they are!




Lastly of the updates, there's some new sports themed things for you to experience the game in a funner (wow excuse my grammar if you bug me about this I'll be so mad... get over grammar I don't care I'm blogging, which isn't a real word anyways!!!) better way.

If you head over to the ski lodge...



You can get some fishing stuffs.

If you go to the dock....



You can get some new stuff for Hydro Hopper (and for yopu who remember it as Ballistic Bisquit :] )

And lastly, head on over to the cove for some surfing gear, dude (or dudet).



Yes, dudet IS a word. Surf's up, dude!!!

You probably saw those little flyer things in the corner; if you click that, you get that poster.

The stage will have new people coming, and non-members can go to the stage, but sorry, no backstage. Don't get too mad, they have to do this to keep your beloved Club Penguin running!

And yes, I used the same pictures on here that I did on the Chatty Penguin, but I gave myself and I am giving Lime Cheats official permission by me, Nepoleon III, esquire, of the royal house of Club Penguin, permission to use my pictures. Don't sue them. Or me. Or Blogger or Wordpress.

Anyways, have a good Friday... or any other day of the week for that matter!

Keep On Waddlin'!

The Chatty Penguin

Nepoleon III

Newest Lime Member


  1. How do you like Updates Nepoleon style? Pretty happenin', huh? Or is it tubular? Or perhaps it is groovy? If you want to laugh, look "cool" in the Oxford American Thesuraus; look up synonyms for 'cool' in that and unearth some phat, kicky, and fly words that haven't seen the light of day for atleast 20 years!!! :D xD

  2. Thanx nep!

    its always nice to have a breack from taking all the images

    theres only one thing.....

    you forgot the sports CATALOG ill do em

  3. RATS! I didn't check the newspaper... *Sigh* I have to do some more updates on The Chatty Penguin then too :P Whoops!


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