Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Game, Pandanda!

UPDATE: My good friend AltoBhai and I have just made a Pandanda cheat site! Click here to see it!


About a month ago on msn My friends Polkagirl919 and Blowsight10 were telling me about the game "Pandanda" when I joined I found it really fun, Dare You to say its better then Club penguin!

Here is the game's Description:

Pandanda is a vibrant and fun online community designed especially for kids’ ages 6-14 years old! Kids get to create an online character (a very cute red panda), decorate their own tree house, collect treasures, win awards, play games to earn virtual “coins”, and chat with other Panda’s in a controlled environment. They also can express themselves by customizing their own player card and dressing their character. Your child can enjoy an even more fun experience by becoming an Elite Member which allows them to adopt pets, spend their coins on clothes and furniture, and gain access to member only virtual locations.

Well we might have a party on the game soon! I can't wait Can you!

so QUICKLY join before all the good names are gone! Click Here!

Comment and tell me what you think of pandanda and tell me your username to!


~Me12101 lime cheats president

PS: Here are our Panda names:

Penguin Name: Me12101 Panda name: Lime12101
Penguin Name: Skaterjessie Panda name: Skaterjessie
Penguin Name: Polkagirl919 Panda name: Polkagirl919
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