Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools party!

April Fools! :P

First of all, The free item is at the Mine!

At the snow forts there is a members only room called the "box store".

Heres what it looks like inside:

If you throw snowballs at the white paint board at the back wall then you'll paint a picture!

Here are two of the pictures you can paint:

there is also a "box catalog" for your igloo!

Pretty Cool ;-)

There are boxes all over the island and some sneeze, some fart, and some fly away home! but in particular rooms there are teleporter boxes that bring you to another one across the island.

Pizza Parlor - Beacon
Lighthouse - Coffee shop
Ski Lodge - ????????

This is really similar to the party in 2007~

~me12101 lime cheats president

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