Friday, February 13, 2009

Puffles playing!

Here is TONS of pictures (and more coming soon) of puffels playing with their furnitcure (Thanks Vapnoar777 for some info) You have to click their playercard and press "eat" and they will eat "sleep" and they will sleep and of course "play" and they will play! They will walk up to the furnicure and play,sleep or eat!

So anywho here are the PIX:

Me12101's green puffle running on a wheel (wheel was sold LONG ago).

Me12101's black puffle getting a drink.

Me12101's purple puffle trying hard to get in an igloo.

Me12101's purple puffle in a puffle house.

Me12101's green puffle playing with the small scratching post.

Me12101's green puffle jumping on the Puffle Tree.

Isnt that cute? Me12101's greenm puffle sleeping on his bed.

Me12101's Black puffle Jumping from the food section to the water section to eat.

Me12101's green puffle having a drink.

Me12101's green puffle playing with the Scratch tower (they swing on the rope and pull themselfs up)

Me12101's black puffle sitting on the puffle tree.

Arent they cute?

They also help your puffle's health whitch is good =D

I can't wait for the puffle party!

~Me12101 lime cheats president


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