Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing with puffles!

Ok, here are a few pics of me play ing with the puffles round the town! (Oh, and in these pics i try not to advertise any names lol idk why!)
Firstly, this is my puffle party outfit! lol :P

I put my name at the bottom for no reason! Also, If you go to the snow forts, there is usually 2 forts but now theres 7, every colour of puffle is sitting on them, throw a snowball at them and then.... see for your self... its funny to the black puffle he burns the snow off his face! Try with all of them!

Ok here's some more:

This one is from Peterpod:
Lol like them? If you want, you can email me some of your puffle party pics at and I will post them here at Lime!
Have Fun!


  1. white puffle at out side of dojo plz give credit

  2. I know How To Jump rope on the pink puffle iceberg!


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