Sunday, February 8, 2009

Party info and other news!

Hey guys!

First I wanna tell yall about lime's party!


Date: Sunday Febuary 15th
Time: 12:00
Server: North Pole
Room: Cove


Hope you can come!

In other news, The limey place started on Saturday and everyone is enjoying it! HIGH FIVE! Click HERE to go to the main site, sign up then you can chat and play some SWWEEEEEET games.

Also Lime cheats is coming out with a new site! Its gonna be a Limey Blogger Buster, it will show some blogger tips so you can be a pro (Like me)

Almost Forgot Lime cheats is now doing cool emotes!
Since im such a blogger pro I figured out how! Lets give a hand for me!



~Me12101 lime cheats president


  1. Limey Place ROCKS !!!!
    - ALto Bhai , Secret Mod -

  2. Me...
    as i have said i cant come to the party so can u make some arrangement so i can but a different time/day
    Gettin' memberhsip from dembi!!


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