Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Puffle???? and Sneack Peack!

SWEEET! Some people think that club penguin will come out with a new puffle?? Club penguin realeased a new wallpapper today! On the picture there are all seven puffles, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, purple, and Green. But LOOOK, theres another puffle shadow!!!!

As seen at bottom corner of picture (in circle):

Note: In picture the circle is right over the black puffle, there IS a black puffle in the picture!

Heres a closer look at the nysterous shadow:

Now thats cool! hmm.. Alot of people have wished for a rainbow puffle, I think that is so not like club penguin...Maybe a orange puffle YAY! The party starts on Friday!!! I cant wait!!!

Friday will also bring a new igloo catalog, and puffle posters will be avaible to buy!

Remember to go to limecheats on friday for all the important cheats!

~Me12101 lime cheats president

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