Monday, February 23, 2009

Lime fans and a big thanks

Hey there limey fans!
You may have noticed (on the sidebar) that I have become LIME CHEATS NEW VICE PRESIDENT! Way cool! And I would like to thank one person for making that happen, Barack Obama! Woo hoo! Everyone cheer for Barack! LOL :P NO WAY! (no offence Barack) EVERYONE CHEER FOR ME12101!!! WOOT! Thank you me! (not me as in me, myself, i mean i don't want to thank me as like me, like, me as myself i mean, not me, no um... ME12101!)

And second,

You limey fans out there, wheather you're from China ےێۏۏ۔ڦڬیڴ۳ڽݕۮ
Or Australia (gooday mite!)

Or the UK (Hi)

Or Antartica (Brrr!)

You're all important! Exept people from the moon, they're scary

So I think all lime fans should:
Have a Lime Fan badge! And a lime bus! (Even if it is yellow)

These would also be cool:

LOL That was kool! Anyhow time to go now!


  1. good for you!!! But too bad i cant be a part of lime cheats...:-(

  2. every one come to my new site plz help avertize me121o1

  3. o my god
    i just advirtizied on mes site im so sorry i show the no advirtizizing after i pushed post im so sorry dont read the post above this one do you for give me me12101? plz


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