Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goodbye Limecheats

Hello, it's me Pieman501. Well this is very sad, but.... I'm quitting working on this site:( Yes, you all probably all confused..... Why? You must ask...
Well, it's because I don't have much Blogger expirience and I think Limecheats would be better off without me. So, I was talking to ME12101, and I thought I should quit working here, because I'm not qualified enough.... So without further ado....
Goodbye Limecheats viewers :(
Please visit my site as (http://www.pieman501.wordpress.com)
Thanks, and please countinue to visit Limecheats!


  1. :-(

    You were a good worker pie!

    ~me12101 lime cheats presodemt

  2. Pie u rock dude . I hope u change ur mind
    - Alto Bhai , Secret Mod -


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