Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lime's 100% accurate Cadence Tracker And Info

Hey Guys! Dj Cadence is in town giving away her sweet autographed backgrounds! You wanna find her, right? Well use our 100% accurate Cadence Tracker!


STATUS: - - -
SERVER: - - -
ROOM: - - -

Here is my Portable Tracker that YOU can put on YOUR SITE:

The code is:

<a href="http://www.limecheats.com/2009/01/limes-100-accurate-cadence-tracker-and.html"><img src="http://limecheats.site50.net/Cadence%20Tracker/track.gif"></a>

Here are some Tips to help you find her:
    1. Cadence is a Peach Colored Penguin.
    2. Cadence has a Pink and Purple Wig.
    3. Cadence has Green Headphones.
    4. Cadence wears a Pink and Yellow Scarf.
    5. Cadence wears Pink and Yellow Bracelets.
    6. Cadence wears gray shoes.
    7. Cadence goes on crowded Servers.
    8. Cadence can only be found at the Night Club (Members Party in January 2009) and Backstage (Penguin Rewards & Music Jam '09)!
    9. Cadence dances a lot, She dances like she has a boom box, Look for flying gray shoes in the air!
    10. Use Polkagirl919's Tracker!

    Make sure to Comment if you find Cadence.

    Here is what Cadence's Background looks like:

    The Background features a picture of Cadence in front of the Dance Contest Game in the Night Club.

    Click on the button with the box on it on Cadence's playercard to get the Background.

    Here is how the Background looks on me:

    Good Luck Finding her!

    We are still upgrading, because we lost all our sidebar files!