Friday, December 5, 2008

New pin I Catalog secrets I Green Rockhopper? I Treasure book updates!

Here we go:

The pin is in the pet shop!

Here are the catalog secrets:

Click the Christmas lights for the yellow scarf

Click the tree-top for the Russian hat

Click the Guy in the parka for the Viking helmet

Open and close the red viking 4 time to get the blue viking helmet:

Click the bow on the penguins hair for the pom pom hat

Click the lighthouse in the background of the orange penguin for the red hoodie!

Click the pink Flipper For the black mask

Click "60 coins each" for the Black Scuba mask

Rockhopper is coming to town

WHA????????? His ship is green? Maybe for Christmas

And Here is the new pages in the treasure book!


  1. That is the worst page of the treasure book ever.

  2. How do you get the treasure book?

  3. i really wish i could unlock something

  4. What is your penguin's name? Mine is Freddie44998. If you want to find me, I would always be in Tuxedo.


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